Water is life.

This is a phrase we have often heard but we don’t always take the time to truly register what this means. All life began in water and to this day, water is a crucial foundation to the creation of anything living. Yet we still know so little about this sacred substance and what we are discovering now could change everything. We understand that the chemical composition of water is made of two hydrogen atoms, bonded to a single oxygen atom. It is a tasteless, odorless, very light blue colored substance that has such a simple make up, yet is the source of all life. But the most important, revolutionary breakthroughs in our understanding of water are only just beginning.


What we have discovered, is that it isn’t the chemical composition of water that matters at all. It is the molecular structure of water that effects us most and determines what our body is absorbing. The molecules of water, very uniquely organize themselves into molecular clusters. These clusters are a perfect recording of the energy in the environment and the physical and vibrational quality of the water. Water cells, mimic the cells of the environment and we take that into our body, or into the environment that the water interacts with. If the water interacts with flowers, it takes on the molecular structure that mimics the flower. If we send it positive thoughts, it will reflect those thoughts, as discovered in the many experiments of Masuru Emoto. 


When water is filtered, bottled or welled up, the molecular structure is damaged. It essentially becomes “de-structured.” This makes it harder on the body and plants to absorb and it essentially loses its vital effects. It becomes approximately 40% less effective at hydrating and nourishing the body. Structured water on the other hand, is easier for the body and plants to absorb and is filled with vital energy. It is created when water interacts with hydrophilic surfaces, which are substances that respond well to water, such as rocks. The molecules join together to create a hexagonally structured surface that is soft, oxygen rich, charged with energy and balanced particles. This is why structured water is more easily absorbed by the body, as well as animals and plants. It's molecular structure contains more electrically charged energy and facilitates the absorption and assimilation of nutrients. 


Countless studies show that structured water will not only yield healthier, more nutrient rich and abundant crops but they will also grow and ripen faster than regular water. The effects on humans are much the same, as blood tests indicate that when humans drink structured water, the health of the blood is drastically improved, supporting balanced pH levels and a more aerobic environment. Illness can’t grow in an alkalized environment and therefore that alkalizing effect of structured water is also imperative to health. In general, the ingestion of structured water works to prevent a host of physical illness such as heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, toxicity and much more. The body is cleaned, nourished and rejuvenated by structured water and charged with more life force. 


99 percent of human tissue interacts with water and 60 to 70 percent of an adult human body is made of water. The health, cleanliness and vitality present in the water makes all the difference to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is essentially holds the frequency of our entire being. It is a basic foundation of life, that we ensure that we ingest the highest quality of this substance that is the ultimate source of life. 



Not only does the Healix product line offer an easy and effective way to structure your water but is also has the ability to imprint it with high frequency molecular structures. Since the Healix devices all structure the water using high frequency semi-precious gems and contain a copper ring that is also blended with mixed gems and plated in gold, it has the ability to charge your water with the highest frequencies in nature as it structures your water. This is healing combination has a revolutionary effect that can heal and transform you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.