Inline Restructure Unit

Inline Restructure Unit


1 inch resedential units are perfect for 1/2 to 1 inch lines. Perfect for restructuring water throughout your entire home? Install this unit on your main water line and relax knowing you are getting the best water possible.

Unit comes standard as a 1-inch threaded device for all uses (1/2"-1") In-Line applications (9lbs) Measures 2.5" x 12.25 inches.

These units are super high output commercial grade devices featuring 2 of our exciter rings making them the most powerful and most cost-effective devices of their kind on the market today regardless of size. All of our units feature our amazing exciter ring technology, but for the first time, these Dynamically Enhanced devices are being offered for home and farm application.

*Whole House, Garden, Greenhouses Units, are equipped with our Rejuven8r Exciter Rings. These contain a highly effective blend of Elements, Minerals and Organic Sea Vegetation and the full spectrum of beneficial enzymes, Amino Acids, and trace minerals along with Paramagnetic material sourced from Fiji and Canada along Rare Earth Minerals.

These devices are a significant value to people, animals, and crops and a well-proven benefit to all personal and commercial applications.

* Maintenance free under normal use.

* No filters or parts ever need replacing.

The devices you are looking at represent The Cutting Edge in transformational water devices truly too amazing to describe here other than to say the following. Our devices transform the molecular density of water which unleashes pent-up energy within the atomic bonds of any liquid. This (re-structuring) brings out the highest essence of water and other fluids unlike anything on the market today. For water, we simply transform whatever type of water you run through the device enhancing it in ways sure to please.

This level of re-structuring wipes all molecular memory inherent in all water, ridding it of its toxic frequency residue picked up from its environment. The effect of our devices will leave your body refreshed like you have never been before due to increased hydration, increased bio-availability of nutrients and nutritive frequencies and significantly reduce bio-availability of inherent environmental toxins which may be present even in the cleanest waters available.

We at Healix simply do water better than anyone we know and leave it to you to try one risk-free for 30 days. 

What sets us apart from our older designs and other similar devices on the market is our new Rejuven8r Technology. The golden rings you see at the ends of our devices are a proprietary advancement in transformational technology that enhances water or anything near the rings so completely they accelerate healing, protect living cells and DNA from harmful EMF and toxic frequencies while driving nutrients to the cells and inhibiting the bio-availability of toxins.

The Rejuven8r rings now produced with 316 Stainless Steel and Titanium shell filled with a broad spectrum of Essential Elements, all known Beneficial Salts, Amino Acids, Proteins. Minerals, Complex purified Sea Vegetation and a new blend of highly efficient Paramagnetic Minerals drived from international sources. Platinum Group Metals, Gold and Silver as well as a select group of Natural Crystal and fine Silica along with an elite group of Monoatomic Elements in the form of the White Powder of Gold. The rings are now bright Stainless steal but still available gold plated copper with enhanced frequency emissions.

This proprietary mixture is placed in the rings under 108,000 pounds of pressure causing the crystalline materials to emit significant levels of Piezoelectric Energy that not only energizes the field around the rings but also transmits the beneficial frequencies of all nutritive substances creating a cocoon of radiant healing energy.

These life energies work to heal, sustain and protect all living cells and empower biological functions as well as enhance mental, emotional and cognitive function while stimulating consciousness. The field effect emanates out from the rings for many yards naturally harmonizing the energetic field of the body and home as well as any liquid you pour through the in8Water unit.

Rejuven8r technology has been found so beneficial that we have had to make them available to our clients all by themselves which is now being used as a healing and meditative devices as well as being used to transform AC and DC electrical current in homes and automobiles. 

When electrical cords are run through the Rejuven8r rings the above emanations are magnified, and the beneficial properties of the rings are channel through the electrical supply line to your lights, radio, TV, WIFI and other electronic devices turning them into emitters of beneficial modified EMF as EEF, Enhance Electromagnetic Frequency fields subjugating harmful EMF

creating a very beneficial environment for the body and home.

We are so sure you will enjoy the many uses of our water devices and the Rejuven8r rings that they are fully refundable and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. All we ask is that you give them a try and please take a few moments to share your experiences with us and share them with your friends and family.

Our devices are each fully guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


Please note these devices and their exciter rings are made with the greatest care and respect to their function and every effort is made to assure their beauty and effectiveness. However they are not impervious to wear or scratches and may even be damaged by your communities water. The effectiveness of the rings are not diminished by any of the above.

Neither wear, scratches, dents or tarnish will have any negative effects on the usefulness of the rings or the water devices. Both should be kept clean and free of debris. Both may be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Should your rings become worn or damaged in any way, we will happily recondition the rings or replace them with our newest versions of the rings for a small service charge of $19 plus nominal postage as may be applicable.

The water units are in most cases easily disassembled for deep cleaning or ring upgrade or refurbishment simply by using the appropriate tools to open a unit as may be needed depending on your communities water supply content. Please email us at the email address provided should you require care or service guidance.  

Thank you for your interest in our devices.

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