Rebalance Bottle Topper

Rebalance Bottle Topper


Unit comes with a small silver silk bag. Custom carry bags available. $7

Do you fill your own designer water bottle and fill it regularly? Do you drink from water commercial water bottles during the day? Then you must supercharge your water by just screwing this handy compact mini-unit straight to almost any water bottle or using it at the sink or on the go. These handy little travel units are perfect. They fit most 8, 16 and 20 oz bottles and give you the full power of nature in an easy to use pocket-sized device. Enjoy all the benefits of structured water on the go: hiking, events, running errands and more. This unit is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse - so why leave home without it?

Like the larger Handheld devices, these mighty mini devices can be used at the sink and for supercharging wine, juices and other beverages assuring you get the most energy, nutrition, and flavor from everything you drink. Like all of our transformational water devices, they work easily for filling personal carry bottles from the sink, RO or filtered sources to easily assure you are getting the best hydration and highest energy from every drop you drink.

These small devices are our premier line of mighty mini structuring devices. These packet sized structuring devices contain 1 of our small exciter rings which includes everything the body needs to supercharge hydration, energy and performance. These devices are only 2.41 inches tall x 1.47 inches wide and weigh only 2.48 ounces make these small units the most perfect pocket sized structuring devices we have ever made.


Please note these devices and their exciter rings are made with the greatest care and respect to their function and every effort is made to assure their beauty and effectiveness. However they are not impervious to wear or scratches and may even be damaged by your communities water. The effectiveness of the rings are not diminished by any of the above.

Neither wear, scratches, dents or tarnish will have any negative effects on the usefulness of the rings or the water devices. Both should be kept clean and free of debris. Both may be cleaned with warm soapy water.

For safe keeping a protective fabric bag is provided for the rings and custom bags are available upon request as stated above.  Should your rings become worn or damaged in any way, we will happily recondition the rings or replace them with our newest versions of the rings for a small service charge of $19 plus nominal postage as may be applicable.

The water units are in most cases easily disassembled for deep cleaning or ring upgrade or refurbishment simply by using a firm grip or rubber hand grippers to open a unit as may be needed. Please email us at the email address provided should you require care or service guidance.  

Thank you for your interest in our devices.

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The Rebalance Metal bottle topper is an elite version of the plastic bottle topper. Giving you all the ease and versatility with added durability and enhanced strength of copper and 24K gold or Rhodium plating make these an awesome must have for your water on the go!