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On the lighter side of structured water it can be likened to a sunny day in liquid form.

The efficacy and power of structured water will not always show up in standard water purity tests, where “normal” is based on particle counts. In fact, “purity” is not an appropriate measuring criterion for structured water. Balance is. Coherence is. When water is structured, it is balanced and coherent, with any elements that had contributed to its imbalance being transmuted to a zero-point state. Bio-photons are the transmuting agents that cause electrical bonds with distortion-causing elements within the water clusters to be released.

Structured water has nutritional value in the form of spectral and vibrational frequencies that trigger and support natural metabolic cellular functions, due to the presence of all active bands and available shades of light. These frequencies are undetectable by instruments whose primary purpose is to view particles, because they are not in particle form. They exist as waveforms. Yet, they have an informational presence that all cells respond to.

Structured water delivers a full spectrum of light, just like the sun, which contains frequencies for every mineral nutrient in the Periodic Table of Elements, all of which the body needs in specific amounts. The actual amounts of nutrients and minerals a body needs at any given moment are specified in human, plant and animal DNA. 

Structured water makes a full spectrum of light more abundantly available, This significant because an organism, whether it is a human, animal, bird or plant, use it in ways that are more optimally balanced with their own cellular and metabolic receptor frequencies and does so much more naturally as higher Bio-Photon levels coherently phase adjust nutrients to optimize overall cellular health

Adam Abraham

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