Although we are getting back to basics, this is the water of the future. New structuring filter devices or containers can reproduce the correct conditions for creating the structured water environment we want. Water can be coaxed back into the natural state of healthy, charged, structured water with proper vortex technology returning it to a hydrophilic environment.

We were excited to share that structured water can now be accessible to the masses through a new Kickstarter project called Healix. The investment in structured water technology could mean major wellness benefits and increases in your health, blood sugar, skin, and general wellness. Find more about the structured water mission with Healix and see what structured water can do for your total body hydration.


As more and more people are choosing to put the “right” things in their body, we went right back to the source of all living things: water. Structured water is the secret of the health and wellness world.  The mindful choices of our water consumption will not only improve hydration but, all in all, bring balance to our bodies and improve our overall health.

Hydration is an essential part of our survival, and most people don’t actually get enough to qualify them as truly hydrated and healthy, and the quality is lacking. The process of becoming structured leads us to consume lifeless water with little benefit. True hydration occurs on a cellular level, and it is best absorbed through balanced and energized structured water in derived from a natural environment.